Windish Entertainment

Live entertainment that brings people together

We believe shared experiences have the power to bring audiences together through all of the upbeats and downbeats of life. We open the curtain on live performances that go beyond the here-and-now to become lifelong memories.

Together on the upbeat

We produce custom shows and live entertainment for the sake of building better experiences that bring people together. We sing, dance, act, play, and perform to reach audiences at the gut level, creating memories that last a lifetime.
We are all in, all of the time. Our fierce commitment to producing unforgettable entertainment experiences for our partners is not an act.
We customize. We adapt. We welcome entertainment challenges because they are opportunities to build something that hasn’t been done before.
We break barriers by building experiences. We sing, dance, act, play, and perform to reach audiences at the gut level, creating memories that last a lifetime.
“If you are looking for entertainment for your establishment you cannot go wrong working with Windish. The amount of experience, professionalism, and talent behind every performance is astonishing.”
– Alex Pierce, Touring Musician, Los Angeles CA


Recruiting talented performers for our one-of-a-kind shows

We create one-of-a-kind, unique entertainment and we are driven to guide our amazing performers to the next step of their exciting careers. We believe and act on the principle that diversity and equality within our work and creative community are of utmost importance. This principle guides us as a core value in our hiring and throughout the creative endeavor of providing unique opportunities in live entertainment.

Upcoming Auditions

Norwalk, CT

Jan 13th - 16th

Memphis, TN

Feb 2nd - 6th

Boston, MA

Feb 7th

Nashville, TN

Feb 10th - 14th

Orlando, FL

Feb 22nd - 26th

Lexington, KY

Mar 2nd - 4th


Come create with us

We have the perfect space for your creative needs! Explore our acoustically-treated, fully functioning studios with sound and backline. The studios feature acoustic pianos in every room, full performer lounge with kitchenette, and otherworldly music art around every corner. We offer prebuilt packages and customized solutions for rehearsals, photo and video shoots, and practice spaces. Our world-class award-winning productions also thrive at Windish Studios. If you visit, you will experience a wide range of fellow creatives. If you don’t see a package that perfectly meets your needs, contact us below and we will build a solution that works for you.

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